Teaching Kids in the Kitchen at Easter: Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls have been around for a while, but we just started making them a few years ago and this tradition is a keeper!  Just what are Resurrection Rolls?  Very easy to make as a matter of fact- and a teaching tool, as well. Quite simply, crescent rolls are wrapped around large marshmallows, and, as they bake, the rolls become hollow.   When […]

5 Ways We Saved This Week: planting, painting, and a pantry challenge

1.  Harvested swiss chard.  My daughter really loved gathering and cooking this three times last weekend!  (She also used them to decorate plates, as seen with her prized deviled egg preparation!)  This year has been one for a major “foundation” gardening project, and, just to (barely) keep up with the weeding and pests, this equates […]

5 Ways We Saved This Week

1.  Purchased staples in bulk, including #10 cans to decant and freeze ($2-$4), 10 pounds of oats ($7), and 25 lbs. of flour ($7). 2.  Tagged and dropped off outgrown clothing and toys at a consignment sale.  Money received for one carload is usually around $200. 3.  Consignors are allowed to shop the preview sale.  […]

Blessed by the Mundane

“If we have food and clothing, we will be content” (1 Tim 6:8) Does most of your day revolve around dressing and feeding everyone?  Shopping, sorting, spraying, buttoning, pulling on wiggly ones, and washing, too (not just any:  just the right ones for field trips, special days, and uniforms, too); and then that massive Mt. […]

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