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Free printable Word strengtheners

I love these free printable “Word Strengthener” cards from Ann Voscamp.  Place them in your pocket or put them by the kitchen sink to tuck these words into your heart, because as Ann puts it, “The Word in our words might really change our worlds.” Enjoy!

Gaining perspective on frugality

The year is well over the halfway mark now, and what a year it has been thus far!  My so-called “extreme” frugality has been hit with a perspective check.  When life throws you a few lemons, yes, you make that lemonade, but you also have to swallow the reality that money comes and money goes- […]

Be Joyful in Hope… Free Romans 12 Printable

We are working diligently on learning Romans 12 this summer- our first little venture into some serious scripture memorization.  Our efforts are doable only thanks to the help of Ann’s free Romans Project cards and Kristi’s free Romans 12:12 printable as shown above. Other ways we are learning verses include: *writing a verse on our […]

Saying farewell to family

My grandmother has been on my heart everyday since her daughter’s passing last fall. Littlest and I would go visit once a month with a meal or flowers in hand. For Mother’s Day, we brought tomato plants- she loved tomatoes. That child surprised us by efficiently launching into action, determinedly sweating the removal of every […]

Taking the Time to Take Care

I was thinking of hiring a caretaker.  There are two acres here, replete with fowl, a field,  and “foundation gardening“, which is short for “food growing everywhere to feed all the hungry mouths”.  And those mouths are attached to bodies which equate to dirt spread from feet and hands, broken and forgotten things in the […]

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