Couponing in 5 Easy Steps

Some shoppers appear to have taken a stand against using coupons, whether for time’s sake, the confusion of it all, or, perhaps, just to avoid being that crazy coupon lady (a title which I, for one, embrace!)  The fact is that coupons can save you a lot of money– particularly at stores that double coupons.  […]

5 Ways We Saved This Week

1. Paid off our auto loan [happy dancing…big cheers] with the tax refund.  To be honest, the auto loan also included money lost when we had to sell the purchased-new-but-too-small-for us vehicle shown above.  It’s all behind us now thanks to our uber thriftiness; and we kept interest in our pocket and will have more […]

One More Way to Save: Don’t Forget Rain Checks

With some great grocery store deals this week, I’m not about to discount rain checks.  One child turned up sick today, with sore throats for two more, so today’s trip is not happening.  By the time the rest of the country makes their big holiday trip and I make it out next week, I expect […]

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