Gifts Kids Make: Homemade Target

Tired of watching your little ones use each other as targets for Nerf bullets, rubber bands, or unmentionables?  A foam bullet to the face can be eye-opening (or nearly blinding), as a scared-to-my-wits-end self and my oldest can attest.  The good news is, homemade targets are easy to make. Each Christmas, my girl really wants […]

5 Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts

Do you, too, always have hospital bills, dentalwork, field trips, and other added expenses to oddly enough pop up around the holidays, just when you’re trying to buy gifts?  It’s odd (and saddening), but true.  I’m beginning to believe this happens as a message that we are not to overspend on gifts.  This year more […]

5 Ways to Save on School Lunches

Saving money and time on lunches for kids became a challenge for us as our children entered school.  Littlest easily munches on leftovers and odds and ends from the fridge, but the older children are off bright and early along with their snacks, drinks, lunches, papers, and all.  We are told that school lunches are […]

One Tip to Help with Newborn Baby Sleep

If your newborn has difficulty going to sleep outside of your arms- and you would really appreciate a little time in your own bed- try a rice sleep sock.  Sound a little odd?  Quite simply, a rice sleep sock is a sock filled with rice, used as a heating pad. To make a rice sleep […]

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