Teaching Kids in the Kitchen at Easter: Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls have been around for a while, but we just started making them a few years ago and this tradition is a keeper!  Just what are Resurrection Rolls?  Very easy to make as a matter of fact- and a teaching tool, as well. Quite simply, crescent rolls are wrapped around large marshmallows, and, as they bake, the rolls become hollow.   When […]

Coming Home: Inspiration

This is just ever on the brain:  Sarah’s series of inspiring essays by moms who have chosen the sometimes hard, often challenging, but always rewarding path to staying home to raise their children. Brings back memories of sweet sacrifices made in my home- this photo is me with my one ‘easy baby’ if that term […]

Gifts Kids Make: Homemade Target

Tired of watching your little ones use each other as targets for Nerf bullets, rubber bands, or unmentionables?  A foam bullet to the face can be eye-opening (or nearly blinding), as a scared-to-my-wits-end self and my oldest can attest.  The good news is, homemade targets are easy to make. Each Christmas, my girl really wants […]

Fire pit and benches: $0

Yes, really- this fire pit and benches cost us $0 to make.  Zip, zilch, nada.  Well, except for the gas to run the chainsaw.  While not perfect, it is a work completed by the children with their father, which makes it perfect in our eyes. Each fall and winter weekend, you are likely to find […]

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