Teaching Kids in the Kitchen at Easter: Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls have been around for a while, but we just started making them a few years ago and this tradition is a keeper!  Just what are Resurrection Rolls?  Very easy to make as a matter of fact- and a teaching tool, as well. Quite simply, crescent rolls are wrapped around large marshmallows, and, as they bake, the rolls become hollow.   When […]

Savory Roast Beef Recipe

Looking for a way to ensure your roast beef is always tender and juicy?  This recipe does not disappoint- in fact, it guarantees perfect roast beef every time.  I always used the slow cooker for beef roasts, with varying levels of success.  This recipe is cooked on the stovetop, but I will be trying it […]

Iced coffee, perfected

My iced coffee has arrived, thanks to a little help from my friends.  Namely, Ree Drummond [aka The Pioneer Woman].  Her recipe for success just made my mornings (and most afternoons) a whole lot easier.  First, you must know that we ditched our large coffeemaker for a Keurig.  Then I became an iced coffee drinker […]

Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Homemade marshmallows are one of those recipes you’ve just gotta try.   Besides the yummy factor, they are fun to make, giving kids a chance to turn the mixer all the way up (finally!) and get all dusty with powdered sugar (or “Sugar Power”, to quote my toddler.) Homemade Marshmallow Recipe Ingredients 3 packages unflavored gelatin […]

Eating Up Eggs: The Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Last week, we started in on egg recipes since, if you have layers, you may have tons of eggs like me.  And cooking them up in various ways is a great way to to make the most of that free food!  This one may seem a bit elementary to some, but I myself have searched […]

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