How to Save Money With Cloth Diapers…Washing Cloth Baby Diapers

Cloth diapering can seem like a gianormous undertaking, but I’m here to say that you can do it. The following is my recipe for success in the storage and laundering of cloth baby diapers. So, here goes….and you CAN do it! Storage of Cloth Diapers Sealing baby diapers of any kind up tightly in a […]

Things I Love Thursday…Kushies Baby Cloth Swim Diapers

One thing I discovered along the path to cloth diapers is that buying disposable swim diapers does not work with the budget!  We have always tried to use cloth swim diapers since they are so easily reusable (just being in the pool keeps them fairly clean!) We used cloth swim diapers that pull up over […]

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