5 Ways We Saved This Week: planting, painting, and a pantry challenge

1.  Harvested swiss chard.  My daughter really loved gathering and cooking this three times last weekend!  (She also used them to decorate plates, as seen with her prized deviled egg preparation!)  This year has been one for a major “foundation” gardening project, and, just to (barely) keep up with the weeding and pests, this equates […]

Fun Gardening With Kids…The Planting!

Aaaahhh…it’s garden season.  Involving the kids is a big deal around here.  We picked a beautiful May evening, had an early dinner, and rounded them up to watch the tilling.  Then it’s shoes and socks off and away they go! Keeping plants from being destroyed requires calm instruction and supervision.  I can’t stand when parents […]

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