2015 Goalsetting

It’s that time of year again- while the year is still brand-new, there are goals- not resolutions- to set.  Goals good, resolutions bad.  Whatever you wish to call them- just having a plan, however small, is motivating.  Accomplishments will be made. Last year’s goals were still too many and they should have been broken out […]

Taking the Rise & Shine Challenge

The countdown to school next week begins.  This is Practice Week.  Time to get back to early risings before the usual chaos ensues.  This free Rise & Shine Challenge from The Abundant Mama Project could not have come at a better time. I already rise before everyone else, but we’re only talking minutes before everyone.  […]

Moments in time: anniversary numbers

We celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday, amid school and soccer and the usual Thursday exhaustion.  The hands on the clock just keep going around faster and faster and it is a little hard to think on such things as numbers of years zooming by.  But this milestone in our marriage is honorable and it deserves […]

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