Gifts Kids Make: Homemade Target

Tired of watching your little ones use each other as targets for Nerf bullets, rubber bands, or unmentionables?  A foam bullet to the face can be eye-opening (or nearly blinding), as a scared-to-my-wits-end self and my oldest can attest.  The good news is, homemade targets are easy to make. Each Christmas, my girl really wants […]

Paper Fireworks!

We are absolutely loving our Make Something Mondays, and paper fireworks just may be the best one yet.  After digging into our scrapbook, construction, and even plain paper stash, we set to work on these easy breezy cuties. Landee See Landee Do provided the tutorial and we took it a step further by decorating our […]

Get Crafty!…EDIBLE Homemade Slime Recipe

Last week I shared a great homemade slime recipe, but I know some of you would prefer one that is absolutely safe around little ones- this one can actually be eaten!  You pretty much just taste the sweetened condensed milk.  If your kids are bored, you guys are going to love this stuff!  And by […]

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