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Are you hoping to find a way to stay home with your children or have you ventured there and wonder how to make it work for the long haul?  My Mothermode.com is here to help you plan, budget, survive, and thrive as a stay-at-home motherI hope you leave here to embark upon or continue on your journey of parenthood feeling equipped and inspired!

I’m a Christian, housewife,  and mother of three that enjoys crafting, gardening, cooking, traveling, and just plain family fun.  Providing my children with a simple, happy way of life is part of the plan.  My days before children included a career in the apparel industry, merchandising and designing jewelry and clothing, and actually getting paid to shop (these days you’ll still find me getting paid to shop- when my coupons match up!)

Disclaimer:  These are tips gleaned from my research, coursework, and networking, as well as my limited experience.  Let’s talk more in the comments and learn from each other!

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  1. Things I Love Thursdays is BACK! Jen over at The Diaper Diaries has passed it on over to me!
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