The One Trick That is Helping Me Declutter….and Other Methods That Help

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Problems with clutter?

Yes, we have a problem here.  Closets that runneth over.  Many blessings in the form of gifts from loved ones.  A lifetime of lessons to take care of things, to label what we have, to not let others take it, and to enjoy shopping for more things.   A tight budget that says “keep it”- we may need it later and have no funds to buy another.  And then there are the deals….yard sales and Goodwill have  So. Many. Treasures…

A system to declutter?

I have tried them all and can honestly say that each has helped to some degree by enhancing my picture of what, when, where, and why to toss stuff.  My decluttering actions are the sum of all decluttering system wisdom gained.  {Deep thoughts…}

Christmas Decor Organizing

There have been the:

1.  52 Weeks to an Organized Home

I jump on this one usually at the start of the year, which means that Week 32 never, ever happens.  But the January tasks in the kitchen can always stand to be repeated.  And sometimes I jump in at other times of the year.  Usually in a rush on a random Saturday.

2.  The Confident Mom’s Weekly Household Planner
I have used this every year for the past few years and get some-to-most of the daily tasks completed.  Again, there is often a catch-up at the end of the week.  I will also star activities for the children to complete before screen time.  And each week offers a decluttering mission, although I often miss it.

3.  Kon Mari Method
I used this to organize some of our pretty horrific spaces.  Still enjoying the little boxes of goodies neatly organizing some of our drawers and my PJ’s are still about half folded.  Always room for improvement…

4.  Reading The Little House Books
OK, so technically this is not an organizing method, but I find that reading these aloud with any child that will listen does us all some good.  Seeing how little the pioneers had and how content they were with the simple life puts me in the mood to ditch clutter with glee.  I also like checking out modern day tiny house living, namely people living in buses like Katherine at Catching Eddies.

But the one trick that is really working in our declutter efforts right now?

To empty one drawer, bin, closet shelf, or closet-floor-pile at a time and then….

Only put back what I want to keep.

Meaning what I really want to keep, to dust, to shift around.

What we “love”, want to haul with us should we move to another house, wish to leave for those that come behind us.

Out go lonely socks, clothes with holes, stretched out garments, ill-fitting things, frustrating toys, parts with no owner thingy…even sentimental items that are featured in a great photo but are taking up valuable, dust-collecting space.

It’s so easy that my oldest child is loving it.  Want to keep it?  “No.”  Out it goes!  And in with glorious, neat spaces.

And please do share in the comments- what decluttering tricks work for you?

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