Easy Valentine’s Day Quiver


It was the umpteenth school project this winter.  The task:  to complete a box for valentines that measures no more than 12″ in any direction, with a slot at least 2″ x 5″- that is the most original, creative, pretty, Valentine-y thing ever made.

Thankfully, my daughter is a fast thinker- an arrow theme it would be, and so the idea for a Valentine’s Day quiver was born.  And it would be cheap- almost free, in fact- and quick and easy for us to make.

valentine's quiver

There is no shot-by-shot account of what happened during creation.  We tend to work fast and see what happens.  And to finish after dark when there is no chance of good lighting for photography.

Anyway, here is the short version of how to make a Valentine quiver:


  • 11″ section of PVC pipe- with a request to dear Dad for a minimum of 6″ across [ahem.] (free to us- Dad owns a plumbing business)
  • test cap- a plumbing part that is sized to fit pipe (free)
  • heart doilies from Dollar Tree (used 2, so less than 5 cents)
  • Valentine’s ribbon from last year’s 10 cent clearance + grosgrain ribbon leftover from a gift (less than 5 cents)
  • arrow images printed on cardstock (cost of ink)
  • sour cream lid to fit- ours was 16oz lid on a pipe with a FOUR INCH opening. ($0) [Not shown in the photo, only for transporting contents.]
  • metallic spray paint (on hand)


  1. Insert test cap for bottom, glueing in place
  2. Spray paint pipe and lid- I gave my girl a quick spray painting lesson [a milestone- her crafting world just opened up to a whole new dimension]
  3. *Glue ribbon around edges and cut [everyone jump around nervously with hot glue gun]
  4. Measure strap by draping over shoulder, then cut and glue deep inside and across the bottom
  5. Realize *you should have done #4 before #3, so that ribbon along edges is over strap, so just glue another piece over straps at top and bottom for reinforcement
  6. Glue heart doilies and arrow images- my girl also drew some arrows and added them
  7. Get out ruler and realize you should have measured before Step #1.  Hyperventilate just a bit before emailing teacher to explain that parents are at fault for stealing the project sheet from daughter and tossing her the incorrect supplies.  Receive a reply is that everything is going to be just fine.

make me quiver

To further the theme, we found these free arrow pencil Valentine’s on Pinterest.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day quiver!

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