Gifts Kids Make: Homemade Target

homemade DIY target my mothermode

Tired of watching your little ones use each other as targets for Nerf bullets, rubber bands, or unmentionables?  A foam bullet to the face can be eye-opening (or nearly blinding), as a scared-to-my-wits-end self and my oldest can attest.  The good news is, homemade targets are easy to make.

Each Christmas, my girl really wants to make something for her brothers that they will enjoy. I love her thoughtfulness and am glad to offer ideas. Most of the projects we drum up together are simple and frugal to make.

Two years ago, she made all the men- big and small- in the family monogrammed fleece hand warmers.

Last year, she made little warming heat pillows and a fleece heat-able bear and she crafted this simple target with muslin, paint, string, a dowel, and a suction cup hook.  So simple and it looks pretty cool hanging around the house.

We had almost all the materials on hand:

  • Muslin fabric (or plain white- perhaps an old bed sheet?)
  • Paint
  • 3/8″ wooden dowel
  • Leather string (or plastic or cotton string)
  • Suction cup hook [optional]

Here are the steps she took to DIY a target:

  1.  Cut a rectangle of fabric to desired size, adding seam allowances of 1″ to three sides and 1.5″ to the top.
  2.  Measure to find the middle of the fabric and, using a compass tool, draw a small circle at the middle.  Expand the tool and draw 4 more circles, each larger than the first (measure at 1″ or 1.5″ each to be exact, or eyeball distances to keep it simple- the effect turns out nice.)  If you do not have this tool, trace around plates or bowls.
  3.  Paint the inner circle and every other circle so that you have a red dot and two red circular stripes.  [I helped by painting along the edges and she filled in.]
  4.  Fold side and bottom seam allowances just under and under again, pressing each fold (an adult or older youth job.)
  5.  Stitch along those three sides.  Machine stitch or mark a stitching line with a ruler and a pencil for a child to hand-stitch.
  6.  Fold top seam allowance just under, press, and fold again to form a 3/4″ hem.  Stitch along the very edge to form a sleeve for the dowel.
  7.  Insert dowel and tie leather string to ends, adding a dot of glue to each string knot to hold in place on the dowel.  Knot a loop for the suction cup hook if desired.

diy target craft my mothermode

Love the way this turned out!  And how easy it was to make.  We usually just hang it on a doorknob, but it can also suction to a window or hang on a nail.

I must say that I, too, have enjoyed firing away it myself during some playtime with the children.

This year, I am going to suggest that my girl make the boys some easy rubber band guns to use with this target.

homemade target diy kids craft My nine-year-old worked on the target in a couple of different sessions to get it finished without getting burned out.  That seems to work best for most of her projects.

Sometimes her ideas are a little lofty and I have to help her simplify them or find other simple projects.

Here is the post on how she made the really cute hand-embroidered heating pillow gifts.

And more of my kids’ crafty gifts are to come, so stay tuned!


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