Fire pit and benches: $0

firepit and benches

Yes, really- this fire pit and benches cost us $0 to make.  Zip, zilch, nada.  Well, except for the gas to run the chainsaw.  While not perfect, it is a work completed by the children with their father, which makes it perfect in our eyes.

Each fall and winter weekend, you are likely to find this crew in the woods cutting and stacking firewood, running around, and whiling away the afternoon.  There are so many fallen trees, especially pines, that, at one time, you could not get through the woods at all without tripping every third step.  Now it is our winter playground.

fire pit and benches

There really is no tutorial to go by with this.  We just get a kick out of being resourceful- making projects up as we go along.

For the firepit, a large, flat, open area in the woods was selected.  Children were sent to roam our property and bring back large rocks.  I do believe a few flower bed borders may have been hit during the process!  Rock stacking commenced.  Occasionally, one has to be re-stacked- it’s no big deal that these are in a loose formation.  [I am not sure why a fire was not going the day we took these photos, but I think it may have been too breezy that afternoon- safety first…]

The benches were my husband’s vision.  Large tree trunks were cut into bases at [eyeballed] bench height.  V-shape cuts were sawed into the tops.  A long portion of the tree was laid on the ground and sawed straight down the middle.  Then it was set on top of bases.  Repeat three times for a set of four very sturdy benches around the firepit.

Muscle and sweat.   It’s that simple. The children are welcome to file and sand as they please on the rough spots.  While there is little to no splintering, don’t rub your hand across these just yet.  They are rustic!

family fire pit


And here we are in between football, reading, and lumberjack work.  Please disregard the various apparel- little one’s jacket was a victory, and so we leave it at that.  That Chesapeake Bay Retriever is our working duck dog, but here at home he is just an overgrown puppy having the time of his life with his people!

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  1. Looks grand, and I love the price. I have kids like that, too. Hubby jokingly calls them freaks of nature. They just don’t care that it’s cold. They’ll leave for school in shorts and a jacket when it’s 30 degrees outside. Kids!

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