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5 ways saved money gift


Each week, I share five ways we saved money, as I find that any success we have had with money management have involved counting all savings and expenditures- both big and small.  In discussing what we have done to help our budget, it is my hope that you will find something that works for you and your family.

1.  Met with an investment advisor for a free counseling session at our credit union.  My old 401k was mostly single company stock that has performed great, but we have been playing it risky for too long now.  

I have been listening and reading Dave Ramsey and finally getting more educated about what to do with our retirement money.  We will be contributing more to the nest egg as soon as we have a debt paid off and an emergency fund built up.

2.  My youngest was invited to a birthday party with pony rides, giving him the opportunity to ride for the very first time- for free.  I was an avid equestrian as a youth, so this was just as exciting for me as it was for him!  My son gave the birthday girl a nice hardback picture book from our stash of new books I  had purchased a while back at 80% off already marked down prices.

Find ways to save on birthdays here!

3.  One of many, many fundraisers my children are requested to do is an ongoing gift card sale with ShopwithScrips.com.  This week, I decided to try purchasing gift cards from the places we shop every month- Sam’s Club, Shell, CVS, and Walgreens- at the amounts we typically spend in a month.

My American Heritage Girl will earn a small percentage towards her troop and her own fees, and, hopefully, the cards will work the same as the envelope method of budgeting- when the cards run out, we are done spending that month!

4.  Purchased needed items at Sam’s Club, comparing price per unit or ounce to both the Dollar Tree and Aldi to determine which items are the lowest price in bulk.  I also know what not to buy at Sam’s, which are items that are always available at rock bottom prices by matching coupons to sales.

Once you have practiced couponing and stockpiling for awhile, the sales cycles make sense, saving you loads of cash!

5.  Tagged over 125 items (in 1.5 days!) for a local consignment sale that gives consignors 70% of the price.  I also shopped the preview sale, which helps to find more of the $1-2 items my children need that are likely to be gone before the sale opens to the public.  Since I price them low, all but a handful of items usually sell , so we should see a check for a few hundred dollars by the month’s end.

Find tips for shopping consignment sales here.

And please do share in the comments how you saved this week.  We can all profit- or just save more- from each other’s ideas, big and small…

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