5 Ways We Saved This Week: garden, freezer, and ‘needs’ vs. ‘wants’

5 ways we saved $ garden

Each week, I share five ways we saved money, as I find that any success we have had with money management have involved counting all savings and expenditures- both big and small.  In discussing what we have done to help our budget, it is my hope that you will find something that works for you and your family.

This week, I must disclose my failures, as well, just to let you know that I am human!  Busyness often leads to little mistakes around here.  This time it was in the kitchen.  Several years ago, I vowed to never throw out food again, but… I slipped.  The date on the chicken was still good, but I should have cooked it earlier anyway.  In the trash went $12 of stinky meat- ugh!  And in the chicken coop went a few buckets of garden produce that should have been preserved.  And finally, out went several containers of food with mold in them, which happens quickly in our hot, humid climate, but still…I know to use it up.  Lesson learned- I’m working on okra (again) in a few minutes.

Anyway, on to the positive.

Here are 5 ways we did save money this week:

1.  Sold four items on ebay for $50.  This gives us money in the pocket plus some much-needed decluttering, which helps me find what is missing- and keeps me from buying it again.

2.  When asked to drive to two different towns for paperwork, I requested that the offices scan and email documents.  Not burning more gas and time is significant when you live out in the country.

3.  Harvested nasturtium, tomatoes, peppers, and okra and used a little parsley, cilantro, and leeks from the garden and yard.  Nasturtium is one of my favorite plants (shown in the photo above.)  It is great for children since it is easy to grow- especially straight in the ground- and fun in salads or as garnish.

4.  Took inventory on both freezers.  I had printed the sheet and dated it at the top as May 2014, so, yes, I really procrastinated on this one.  I quickly plowed through the task- you have to before everything starts melting- and now I am so glad that we will have less on the shopping lists and menu planning will be much easier.

5.  My mother found black leather Land’s End mary jane shoes for my daughter at Goodwill (or “the boutique” as we like to call it!)  There were a couple of outings that she had to wear shoes that I did not really prefer, but waiting for what we “need” can sometimes demonstrate that it was really just a “want”.

Please do tell:  how did you save money this week?  Big or small, it all adds up!

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