5 ways we saved this week

1-sunflower seeds

1.  Spent $775 to insulate the attic.  The labor help was a friend repaying a debt and the savings were free machine rental and $178 discount on the insulation.  Some areas had no insulation at all, allowing heat to simply rise and escape.  Following the workday there was an odd quiet, as the heat did not come on for three days straight, even in 42 degree weather!  We were also told we would begin receiving a discount on our natural gas- having other friends in small business helps from time to time.

2.  Stumbled upon 90% off Halloween at Target and 80% off at Michaels.  Also found items for $.25 each at Michaels.  All items were either foods or future gifts (some Halloween items will work at other times of the year, especially when unpackaged.)  Spent $3 and $4 for several $30 and $40 costumes for the children, and what they do not choose will resale on ebay.

3.  Roasted pumpkin seeds from our jack-o-lantern and harvested and roasted sunflower seeds that littlest planted on his own this year.  Also harvested lettuce and used all peppers and tomatoes left in the frost-bitten garden.

4.  Shopped super double coupon events, purchasing needed items and marked down produce.  Also combined errands for these trips.

5.  My husband cut my hair and I cut my daughter’s hair!

Please do share:  how do you save, whether it be big or small?

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