Save, Spend, Give Jars

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. ~Proverbs 21:5

Save.  Spend.  Give.  We’ve been working on all three with our children, and no one takes it more seriously than my little girl.  Together, we crafted Save, Spend, and Give jars, to her delight.  It’s so much more fun than the little marked up box of jumbled funds she was hoarding.  Here’s how we did it:

Print the oh-so-cute tags from Tip Junkie.

Gather mason jars from the cabinet, scrap ribbons, yarn and fabric scraps (how she loves to dig through these!)

Have her cut little squares from the fabric.

Glue fabrics under lid as such

Grab some tacky glue (or have an adult use hot glue) and glue the fabric squares around the flatlid and then into the rim, for a one-piece lid.

Tie on the tags using various ribbons or yarn- mix it up for fun!

Instruct her on actually using the jars as such:

Give. This is so very near and dear to our hearts.  We offer a suggestion of ten percent.  Her weekly allowance is given in quarters, so putting one quarter out of five or so is easier for her to understand.  However, she has been known to put whopping amounts in here and we don’t argue!

Save. I suggested she come up with a goal to work towards.  Right now, she’s thinking trampoline or tree house, and trying to get her brothers on board to save together.  A large chunk of her income goes in this jar.

Spend. I also suggested she only put a small amount in here, something to get her through should a field trip or dollar store urge arrive.  Often, she keeps it empty in her efforts to save and give.

Doesn't she look pleased?

We love, love, love these jars.  They are adorable on her dresser and the system is working so much better than the days of get it, blow it!

And please do tell how you teach your kids to save, spend, and give!

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