Kids Fun Food: The Octopus Hot Dog Recipe

The Octopus Hot Dog Recipe was promised to you last week when I posted about menu-planning to save money.  We try not to serve our kids hot dogs often since they seem to be served wherever one or more gathers- they have them at least once a week outside of our home!

However, the occasional hot dog roast is in order in the grassy field by our garden.  And we just have to try some octo-dogs!  Here’s how:


Hot dogs- we feel better about beef, chicken, or turkey dogs
Toppings of choice (mustard, ketchup, etc.)


1. Using a sharp knive, place hot dog on cutting board and cut  in half, widthwise
2. Cut lengthwise, stopping one inch or so from the top
3. Roll over by a quarter turn and make another lengthwise cut, also stopping one inch from top
4. Carefully slice these four “legs” in the same fashion until you have eight “legs”
5. Boil to cook.  The ‘tentacles’ will curl up when hot dog is done- and you have an octopus!

Use a toothpick to poke in two eyes or get creative with eyes (onion bits, mustard, pepper, etc.), if desired.  Serve with head up and legs spread out over an opened and toasted hot dog bun, over pasta, crackers, or rice and add your favorite toppings.

Please do tell your favorite fun food ideas in the comments.  And let us know how your octopus dogs work for you!

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5 Replies to “Kids Fun Food: The Octopus Hot Dog Recipe”

  1. What a great idea–thank you!!

    I wanna copy the green noodles, too….is that just ramen with food coloring?

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