Top Five Ways to Save Money on Milk

Checking out prices down the grocery aisle just hurts these days!  Thankfully, we have coupons and these top five ways to save money on milk:

1.  Limit Milk Consumption

Well, duh. But if you are like my family, we were giving our kids almost unlimited quantities at mealtimes. Sippy cups lead to guzzling, so the toddler now gets a half-full mug at the table. Research indicates the amount they need per day is only about two cups. At one meal a day, try introducing the best drink of all- water. (Start them on water early. My youngest prefers it since, starting at six months and in addition to breastmilk, I just gave it to him all the time.)

2.  Buy Milk in Unexpected Places

Check sales ads for drugstores- I have found better milk prices at CVS at times. If you are close enough to one, the word is that milk is usually lower in Indian stores.

3.  Try Farm-Fresh Milk

Also known as raw milk, some states actually have laws against the fresh-from-the-cow white stuff since it is unpasteurized. You may not want to give this to very small children. With all that said, know that this stuff tastes amazing (of course- it has the cream!)

4.  Buy Marked Down Milk

If you drink as much as we do- a half gallon a day at times- you will consume marked down milk before the expiration date. Usually this is just a couple of days out, so save a bundle and bottoms up.  Stockpiling tip:  pour out a little to keep in the fridge and you will have enough head space in the jug to freeze it for later.

5.  Dilute Milk

This is a debatable practice, but you can buy whole milk and dilute it with water (fluoride water if you get water from a well.) Dilute slowly, with mostly milk in the mix, and gradually add more water each week until you have the desired savings without sacrificing taste. Good for diners who are consuming more than their fair share. Not good for children under age two, who need 100% whole milk.

Bonus tip: Look for the $1.50 off Smart Balance milk coupon in your Sunday paper, which appears to be out the middle of the month lately.  My store offers super doubles, which means free milk!  Last time, I swung by there three times for nine free half-gallons!

Please do share your money-saving tips in the comments!  And stay tuned next week for how to save money on juice.

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5 Replies to “Top Five Ways to Save Money on Milk”

  1. All great tips. I agree sometimes you will find cheap milk in odd places. Walgreens in my town always has milk for cheap. All the other grocery items are really, really high but for some reason milk is the cheapest in town there.

  2. One thing you left out to save on the milk in a family budget is dry milk. The box you get at Walmart for about $3.00 makes several gallons. I make this up and keep a quart in the fridge for cooking. It works just great in puddings, gravy, and in baked goods.

    1. Yes, I just bought a huge bag at Sam’s this week. Living in the boonies means running out of milk from time to time. This stuff is good for cooking and using in cereal, if you don’t like to drink it straight.

  3. I feed a lot of children every day. Milk goes fast in our house. I buy the store brand of dry milk and mix it with whole milk. This gives me a nice 2% milk for less money. When it is served cold no one has ever tasted the difference…I also keep a quart of dry milk mixed up in the fridge for cooking…I use it in puddings, for pancakes, and in baked goods. Never a problem.

    1. Good ideas. If stretched too much, the diluting practice is noticed, so mixing with dry milk may be the answer! And I think I’ll go mix up a quart now for tomorrow’s breakfast baking!

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