My “Extreme” Couponing and Some Surprises!

Well, first of all, “extreme couponing” as depicted in the currently popular TV series does not exist in reality.  All the stores I know of have policies which limit the number of “like” coupons- they also do not stock endless quantities of the same item.  Anyhoo, I do rack up on multiples of coupons at newstands on Mondays, at the recycling center, and from online coupon sites.  Most stores will take up to three of the same coupon in one visit.

Yesterday’s visit to Lowe’s Foods was one of my best yet.  Spent $39 (after subtracting my mother’s $20 of chicken salad for Easter!), saved $60!  My Cellfire coupons, downloaded to my store card, appeared to double.  These were combined with paper manufacturer coupons and sales.  I was actually paid $.05 a box for Trix cereal (a Sunday morning treat in our house!)  Then, upon checkout, I received the catalina in the photo above- a free photo book from Shutterfly- and I have over a month before it expires!

I also found great deals at CVS, $.25 girl’s gloves at Dollar General, a $.50 t-shirt and $.75 Spray ‘n Wash (raincheck) at Rite Aid, $1 store bread and flip-flops, nail gems, balloons, and candy for my daughter’s birthday party, and a tank full of high dollar gas (but I do earn rewards with my BP card.)

After having spent my children’s Spring Break stuck in the house with yet another sick child (the 6th week of illness in a row, mind you), it was so nice to get out and run errands on my own.  I hit seven places in two hours!  Running all errands at once gets it done and saves that precious gasoline. (By the way, excuse the lack of posts lately- that’s just how we roll on school breaks and viruses!)

So, what deals are you finding lately?

And, on this Good Friday, please remember the ultimate debt paid!

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