Make Money from Home Series…Tips on Consignment

I’ve been inspired by fellow moms in their amazing spring cleaning…Sarah at Clover Lane is hauling off 40 trash bags full for Lent- and she did it last year, too!  So, with my two oldest getting their own rooms, I am on board.  Those rooms are uber-organized now, and it’s thankfully spilling over into the rest of the house as I find their stuff scattered everywhere and get it in their new rooms, or better yet, out the door completely.

As I sort, I have bags for trash, to sell on ebay now and in the fall, for the next children’s consignment sales (separated by fall and spring), and for the consignment store.  I’ve considered selling at the school yard sale, but with my husband working six days a week including Saturdays, I just can’t see myself dragging all that stuff and my three little ones- and then attempt to man the tables!  Here’s how I sort:

1.  Is it stained, torn, missing something we’ll never find?  Trash.
2.  Will it work for the smaller kids?  Store in labeled bins (which need more work, I admit)
3.  Is it a hot name brand?  Ebay.
4.  Is it in excellent condition but not necessarily a hot commodity?  Consign.

A note on parting with items:  Yes, it is hard, but it’s not that hard when you see the newly found floor of the closet- and those drawers that will easily open and shut!  My dear old friend Hello Kitty, circa 1984 I think, was in a trash bag in storage for years, and then given to my daughter who discarded her after a short while (my kids have to purge some of their own stuff).  She is now with a happy owner and I have my pictures, which is enough!

Anyhow, back to the process….

My consignment items will be handled as such:

1.  Is it wrinkled?  Iron and hang..trim loose strings while at it.
2.  Is the stain identifiable as something I can get out?  Treat it, wash it, scrub it, remove pads or covers from baby equipment and wash ’em.
3.  Febreze it, magic eraser it (check your dollar store- cheap generic version!), or polish it.
4.  Pick a reputable, well-established consignment shop.  Shops are where the ‘grown-up stuff’ goes- I get 70% and support a good cause by consigning my kids’ stuff a local church.
5.  Call ahead to find out what sells well at that particular location.
6.  Discuss all terms- percentages, timing, pick-up- and get it in writing.

Best of luck in your consigning endeavors….please do share your stories and tips!

And, each Friday, be sure to tune in and cash in on the rest of the series,

Top 5 Tips to Make Money From Home… Just for Being “Mom”

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