Make Money From Home Series… Start a Home-Based Business

Selling your services or goods can be a great way to make money from home.  The photo shows my first home-based business adventure, into the messy world of gift baskets (the inventory wrecked the living room!)  Currently I am selling on ebay, with future plans to create something to sell on Etsy (my design background brings on that urge to create!)

1.  Research your market.
See what’s out there to determine whether there is a market for your product.  Check out competitor pricing and completed sales on ebay and Etsy.

2.  Take free small business classes.
Check with local listings for free workshops.  I have taken free marketing, ebay, and tax workshops at my local community college.  I also slapped on a Business Minor while in college, which was pretty easy to do while I was there anyway.  Of course, we can all use the internet to learn, learn, learn.

3.  Give your handiwork as gifts for friends and family.
People love getting handmade gifts- from you no less!  Of course, it also helps create the buzz about your craft.  Be sure to give the gift with a business card tucked in to help recipients get back in touch when they need a gift to give.

4.  Create a blog and post often about your products, store, services, etc.
Include photos and interesting “journal entry” type posts such as how you get it done with toddlers underfoot or how much you love your most recent creation!

More tips on selling yourself far:
5.  Hand out business cards (get them for only the price of S&H at vistaprint)
6.  Make fliers and post them anywhere you can
7.  Network on Facebook, blogs, and other internet sites
8.  List on Etsy or ebay often, including your marketing spiel and your website or blog address

Be sure to check out the rest of the Make Money From Home Series here!

And please do let us know your home-based business tips and success stories in the comments.

Disclaimer:  I am in no way an expert on this stuff.  These are tips gleaned from my research, coursework, and networking, as well as my limited experience.  So let’s talk about it more in the comments and learn from each other!

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