Thrifty Living on One Income Series: Five Tips for Buying and Selling Used

As a new stay-at-home mom, after the first few months of cute newborn clothes- and no paycheck- I decided that perhaps my baby can wear used things.  A little hot water and they’re good as new!  Try these tips for buying used kids stuff- and reselling it to clothe them for free!

1.  Well, of course the number one tip is not to buy anything.  Check with family and friends to trade free hand-me-downs.  Return them in as best shape as possible, perhaps with a small thank you gift and handwritten note.

2.  Try yard sales. This is by far the thriftiest way to buy used items.  I have found Gymboree, GAP, and other name brands on the dollar rack.  Home organization items are another thing forever on my yard sale list- and I usually find them.  Be sure to get a babysitter or team up to watch the kids to keep them nearby and out of the stuff!  Sell playclothes, knick knacks, drug store freebies, and other used items at your own yard sale (we participate in the group sale at the local school- lots of shoppers!)

3.  Consignment sales are awesome! Sell outgrown kids clothes to not only get a paycheck, but also to get into the preview sale.  I never pay more than $2 for my kids basics (jeans, solid shirts, etc.)  Also look for name brands that will sell well when you’re done with them.  New or like-new toys can come in handy for upcoming gift-giving seasons.

4.  Ebay.  Maybe not so much for buying used clothes since you will likely have shipping to pay (of course Easter dresses can be pretty cheap on here in early fall!)  But sell, sell, sell those name brands.  Add accessories and hit the right seasons.  My daughter’s barely used Ugg boots went for $76 recently!

5.  Check Craig’s list for those must-have purchases.  You just might find that kitchen table you need or other items that can be picked up locally at bargain rates.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

And one more tip that has always suited me- buy used cars.  Just once I had a brand-new car with that new car smell, complete with the huge red bow on top.  And I’m fine with that as a once-in-a-lifetime memory.  Used cars are just so much more sensible- try barely used if you really want a good warranty.

Please do tell….how do you save with used stuff?

Be sure to tune in here for the complete Thrifty Living on One Income Series.

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