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Yesterday, my little girl told us that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.  What a generational turn-around- I could not stand it!  Thanksgiving was mainly all about dreading the hot backseat in an itchy sweater (+coat in the south, mind you), on a long road trip for some dry turkey!  It is now one of my favorite holidays, as well.  Beginning November 1, we will be counting our blessings on paper leaves, giving thanks all month.  Working on gratitude with kids really is a great lead-in to the Christmas season.

In everything we give thanks.

I was thrilled to find such a perfect piece for our Thanksgiving decor- that actually matches my everyday living room decor.  Hope you, too, enjoy this beautiful free printable from Katy at Katygirl Designs.

Could there be such a thing as “mom anger”?

Mom anger.  It does not make sense, it has to be an oxymoron.  Such precious little ones, such smart kids, blessed health- how could anger come of this?   Others are dealing with bigger issues.  These little daily things just can’t be all that stressful.  We should be happy and enjoy this time with our children.  How could we be so ungrateful?  How could anger be present in the midst of the best time in our family’s life?

Yes.  Anger happens and you are not alone.

Honestly, children are beautiful; but they are also needy, they often drop things everywhere, and they will say and do things that hurt those they love the most.  Have enough children and the day will come that you will drive home and vow to never go out in public again.  A child will cry for the better part of an hour while another throws out attitude and dinner must be prepared.

making all things new revelations Mothers that go nonstop, missing sleep and meals and sometimes forgetting to breathe?   How do they not self-combust?

Lisa Jo’s article showed up with perfect timing on this hectic first morning of the week.  My spoken prayer for help with bad attitudes- may have only exasperated them more.  And I completely neglected to add to that prayer for the one that is always good, the peacemaker- but the one that quietly still has a child’s needs.

I was stunned to read that “mothers of adolescents and adults with autism experience chronic stress comparable to combat soldiers and struggle with frequent fatigue and work interruptions.” ~ Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  So maybe that explains why my vision blurs and teeth hurt when yet another fire needs to be put out around here.

If you ever feel angry as mom, please go read 10 Things To Do Differently *Before* You Lose Your Temper now.  There is even a neat printable for your bathroom mirror (or car, or wherever you need it most.)  And if you never get frustrated with your children, I do not think we have met.




Free printable: scriptures to help scared kids at Halloween

Halloween verses

Coping with all things spooky can be quite a feat for families, especially for little ones during the Halloween season.   Solution:  this great free scripture printable from Julie, the incredibly entertaining Happy Home Fairy.  I posted this one last year and it’s just too good to miss if you have kids scared out of their wits.  Enjoy!

5 Ways We Saved $: okra edition + free Amazon Prime and more

5 ways we saved $ okra

Each week, I share five ways we saved money, as I find that any success we have had with money management have involved counting all savings and expenditures- both big and small.  In discussing what we have done to help our budget, it is my hope that you will find something that works for you and your family.

Okra is amazing!  It produces for months and we planted a lot.  The flowers are also beautiful in the garden, as shown above.  This week, we ate it fried and in a slow-cooker gumbo.  The freezer is also packed with bags of it, breaded and frozen.

Bartering is alive and well around here.  I gave okra (of course), tomatoes, and green peppers to friends and family who provided rides, childcare, and playdates for the children.  We are also preparing to remove eggs from our broody hen to give to a farmer who wants them for an incubator.  The give and take of favors is a natural way of life around my husband’s farm supply.

My daughter and I picked five gallons of muscadines for $5.  These were also given to friends, served at every meal, and made into jam and juice.  And, the lady at the farm said she would trade muscadines for….you guessed it- okra!  We’ll be back.

Discovered free Amazon Prime (shipping only) as a friend of an Amazon Prime member!  My mother signed up for this for me, and I followed the email link to be on her membership at no additional cost to her.  I can use this service on my account, which means items ship to my address.

Organized the mudroom, to find a few much needed items- no buying more!  And less stress with the room no longer junked up….

Linked to Living Well Spending Less


Free Fall Scripture Printable


Autumn has arrived!  The air is crisp, the leaves have just started turning, and already so many oak leaves are settling on everything here.  (Which means I had better paint the porch-quick!)

“Let the whole earth be filled with His glory.”

Psalm 72:19

Enjoy this stylish free fall scripture printable from Johnson Ferry Women.  I know I will, especially after I put the finishing touches on the living room in my quest for a clutter-free life!

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