Free Summer Apple Camp for Kids

apple camp free for kids 2017

Yay!  We have enjoyed this free Apple Camp several summers with my older children. In three 90-minute sessions, kids aged 8-12 work on hands-on projects with experts at Apple. Campers choose one of three tracks, then spend 90 minutes a day for three days at a local Apple Store immersed in the subject of their choice.    

Teaching Kids in the Kitchen at Easter: Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls have been around for a while, but we just started making them a few years ago and this tradition is a keeper!  Just what are Resurrection Rolls?  Very easy to make as a matter of fact- and a teaching tool, as well. Quite simply, crescent rolls are wrapped around large marshmallows, and, as they bake, the rolls become hollow.   When […]

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